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Products & Services

Short term business credit
Torch Credit provides short term credit to support Micro, Small and Medium sized businesses. These funds are normally given for a period of time of less than 6 months to cover for unanticipated expenses in the growth of the business. This facility is extremely suitable for SMEs since they have to deliver before receiving payments. This would be against invoices and or LPOs.
Employee Loans
We provide short term lending to individuals in formal employment based on a check-off repayment system; to enable individuals fund their personal and development financial needs, e.g. home improvement, education, car repairs, hospital bills, etc
Bridging Finance.
These are funds provided to a company which has encountered a short term cash flow problem and requires a cash injection to carry on their business as usual, bridging finance could be defined as a short term finance solution for business cash flow problems.
Business Consultancy Services
We provide Business advisory and Business modeling services required by SMEs and investors to enable them access Financing, Partnerships, markets and value chain analysis to achieve growth. Using hands-on experience in varied fields, we endeavor to guide SMEs to align their businesses to the general national and regional goals and aspirations, thus tapping more business growth.
Bid Bonds
Torch Credit, through credible partner banks, assist tendering institutions in securing bid bonds guarantees to different procuring entities. This process takes 24hrs. Same day services are also offered. Terms and conditions apply.
Business Advisory and Training.